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Earth Angel Healer

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Warwick Qld, au
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Hi all Iam so glad that you have came to vist with me. So a little about me then, Humm where to start,Ok lets see I Live live in a medium country town in Queensland Australia and I work from home I have two Fantastic children a boy and a girl , they are the light of my life and so is my partner of 11yrs. I have always been able to heal with my hands and with  this energy healing  I  have been healing those that need help for around 15yrs now, I work with massage and being able to see where the problem is and clearing the negitive energy also with help from those that have crossed over i assist with the healing that each person is working on in there life right now,  just Love it. I Love to work in my garden, painting  and connecting with my guides and  this Fantastic planet we live on.

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Well my life is my hobbie image Iam always finding new things to learn and do.

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Iam a Clairvoyant Healer and A Energy Healer and I am Guided to Paint Spiritual Paintings for the healing of the world and to show you your Guides and Angels,also for you to connect with them.
Iam a Mum who is lucky to work at home and a domesti.
c tecnishion image for my Family

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